That sums up the Denver Post editorial about the John Morse recall.

Those who rule the world always fret when ordinary people decide to take charge. As is happening in Colorado.

Abuse of political process”

Save it for “corruption and incompetence”

What hooey.

Coloradans created the recall 101 years ago. Colorado was a pioneer in politics. Colorado’s recall – like most states’ recall provisions – does not require a reason for the recall. The recall campaign will flesh out such reasons.

Limit it to corruption or incompetence? Certainly not the reality of gubernatorial recall efforts. Both successful such recalls were due to overspending (North Dakota and California). And the most recent governor recall (of Scott Walker in Wisconsin) was because he decided to STOP overspending. Wisconsinites decided they liked spending restraint.

When Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler was threatened with a recall, he said, “if the Democrats go forward with this, I think that it will be a good thing.” Air the issues. Let the people decide.

Pity newspapers. Their power? Pfft.

Mostly, this decline in readership is because of declining quality. That’s not, btw, me saying this.

It’s the American people.


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