OUR VIEW: Supporting the bill that spends the proceeds of the tax increase without supporting the tax itself is like loving the sin and hating the sinner. In other words, it is too weird even for Hick.  

Governor Hickenlooper signing the bill to spend money from a tax hike he’s not sure he wants to support.

A loyal reader pointed out an interesting aspect of this new controversy as to whether Governor John Hickenlooper will or won’t support the $1 billion tax increase.

This week Hick hedged on the tax hike big time, drawing the mocking ire of one AP reporter.

What? Hick hedged? Stop the band. Call the cops. Couldn’t be.

As hard as it is to believe loyal Peak readers, it is true, Hick hedged.

What makes this hedge totally whack-oh-doodle for Hickenlooper is that the Governor already signed the school finance act that would spend the proceeds of the tax increase that he can’t decide if he will support.

Following along? 

As the Durango Herald‘s Joe Hanel reported at the bill signing:

DENVER – Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law the first update in a generation to the way Colorado funds its public schools…

But it all depends on voter approval of a $1.1 billion tax hike this November.

“This bill really positions Colorado to be the national leader in terms of school reform and effectiveness,” Hickenlooper said Tuesday shortly before signing Senate Bill 213 at the Capitol.

The new system will allow taxpayers to see exactly how schools are spending their money, he said.

“It’s great to talk about reform, but I think this system’s one that’s going to start demonstrating outcomes,” Hickenlooper said.

Support spending the new tax revenue but not support the tax hike? Is that like loving the sin but hating the sinner? That is one serious contortion even for a governor who issued a non-pardon pardon of a mass murderer.

It is too weird for even him.

There is no way Hick jumps off the tax hike bandwagon.

But until we know for sure the question must be asked — will he or won’t he (support the tax increase that funds the bill that he already signed)?