A reader recently sent along some hilarious mockups for a Hickenlooper Fracking Pale Ale, mocking the governor for bragging that he’s swigged fracking fluid and tying it to his brewpub owner past.

Based on the bottle labels we’re assuming the creator of this series is a liberal none-too-pleased with Hickenlooper’s pro-fracking stance.

We take a different view.

We may not agree with Governor Hickenlooper often, but when we do it’s on fracking and beer. In an effort to celebrate our area of agreement that drives the left nuts, here are 4 Hickenlooper Fracking Pale Ale bottles.

[A blank bottle is included at the end for you to create your own. Send us your ideas for slogans or mock up the bottle and send it to us on email ([email protected]), Facebook or tweet us at @copeakpolitics.]