We caught up with conservative commentator and headliner of the Magpul event on Saturday, Dana Loesch, for a brief interview on her thoughts on the recent anti-gun run in Colorado and what Second Amendment supporters can do about it.

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Peak: What made you want to come out to Colorado for the Magpul event?

Dana: Coloradans need our help right now. Their state legislature was hijacked by an orchestrated two-election blueprint (also a book) and what occurs in Colorado is the germination of what progressives want to replicate in other states. I also wanted to fist-bump Magpul. They don’t just make and sell products, they’re gone all-in with this fight. They’ve filed suit and are fighting on behalf of all Americans to preserve our Second Amendment civil liberties. 

Peak: What kind of damage is Colorado doing to its reputation by chasing companies like Magpul away?

Dana: I didn’t realize that Colorado was so in the black fiscally that they could run off massively successful companies like Magpul. It takes a long time to repair an anti-business relationship like the one Colorado is forging with firearms and accessories manufacturers.

Peak: You were involved in fighting the Colorado bill to ban concealed carry on campus, which seemed to strike a cord with women in particular. Do you think Democrats risk the wrath of female voters on the gun issue?

Dana: They damn well should. This is a civil rights issue. Rapists don’t disarm women, lawmakers disarm women. I work out five days a week. I studied krav maga. I can out-lift the majority of male hipsters. I can try to be as much like Lara Croft as I want to be but the bottom line is that nature has given me a different muscular structure, bone density, and stature. I will never be able to outfight the majority of men. Most women can’t take a solid punch from a man. This isn’t admitting a weakness, it’s admitting science. Weakness is when we try to deny science and refuse to give ourselves a fighting chance like the chance we have with firearms. A firearm is an equalizer for a woman. Your state legislator, Joe Salazar, told women that we were too stupid to carry firearms because we might “pop off at somebody.” His view was shared by his Democrat colleagues, as we later learned from remarks by the likes of Hudak, Rosenthal, and others. We believe in female empowerment in every aspect of life, apparently, but the power to buy our own birth control and carry a gun. These lawmakers are making sitting ducks out of the female sex and I’ve had enough. 

Peak: What can Colorado supporters of the Second Amendment do to fight back against this intrusion on their rights?

Dana: Stalk your lawmakers. Show up at their offices and walk them down the path of Second Amendment civil liberties. Share with them the science: that one out of every five collegiate women reports rape. Tell them that FBI Uniform Crime Reports from 2003 – 2011 show 2.1 million uses of firearms in self defense, 10% of which are women using their guns to defend against a sexual attacker. Be a Second Amendment Suffragette. Join the recall effort for your Senate President. What these lawmakers did is illegal through the scope of the Constitution and it will only stand because of apathy. Don’t be apathetic. Go door-to-door. Do lit drops. Stage impromptu flash mobs. Educate, educate, educate and reduce fear. It’s hoplophobia, pure and simple. 

Peak: What can Colorado conservatives learn from other states about fighting for gun rights?

Dana: In Missouri people may vote for Obama but when you start talking taking their gun rights, they’ll turn on you in a second. Other states where gun laws are Constitutional have within them vocal advocates who are knee-deep in their state’s legislative affairs. You can’t turn a blind eye in a Constitutional Republic. It requires constant vigilance and participation. As Jefferson said, you’d rather have too much liberty to attend to than too little. When you hear of a restrictive bill on the move, show up and fight it. Pressure your lawmakers. They work for you.