OUR VIEW: Anti-gun liberals will not apparently be attending the Glendale Mag Drop this Saturday.


Barack Obama famously mocked conservatives for “clinging to our guns.”

Obama’s disdain for gun owners is apparently shared by the anti-gun, corn-cob-up-the-shaft liberals who elected him, if one liberal’s response to this weekend’s mag-dump is any clue.

Our friends promoting the Magpul magazine-dump got this firey call from a super angry lady in response to a robo-call promoting the event from Michael Brown. You gotta hear this. 

Our caller, who shall remain nameless except to those who might be able to unmask her identity based on the unique, hyena-like gargling of her angry voice, coined a new phrase that one-ups Obama’s gun epithet… henceforth, we shall be known to liberals as “gun-toting retards.”

Stop whatever you are doing now and LISTEN.

We cannot say for sure, but we are guessing this woman will not be logging onto www.freecolorado.net to buy her ticket and gun mag for the event this Saturday. All the more reason for you to!