Yesterday it was announced that Andrew Freedman, one of Governor Hickenlooper’s senior advisers, is leaving to help run the billion dollar tax hike campaign known tentatively as Initiative 22. Freedman will be joining Hick’s PR firm, OnSight Public Affairs, on the campaign. 

Now that so many in Hick’s orbit are not only coming out in support of the tax increase, but working on the campaign itself, it’s time that Hick finally take a stand.

To be fair to the press corps, it’s not easy to nail down Hickenlooper on, well, anything.

It’s tough to figure out exactly where Governor Hickenlooper stands on issues generally for two reasons: either he refuses to take a stand or he obfuscates to the degree it’s impossible to figure what the hell he’s saying.

Just ask any journalist who has tried to transcribe an interview with him. The man is a master of run-on sentences that, as Shakespeare might say, for all their sound and fury often signify nothing.

It’s an issue that we know annoys many reporters, but also is not acceptable to Hick’s constituents. He may try to bob and weave his way around tough decisions, but that’s no excuse for not holding his feet to the fire.

As Compass Colorado’s Executive Director, Kelly Maher, said in a recent press release:

“Despite Hickenlooper’s standard governing procedure of hiding from tough decisions, Coloradans deserve a firm answer. Does he believe Colorado families should pay a billion dollars more every year in taxes?”

It’s time the press corps turn up the heat and get the governor on the record, whether or not he threatens their access. It’s time for some tough questions.