Conservatives worried that Republicans would yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory can breathe a sigh of relief. The two GOP candidates vying to replace Senate President John Morse, should his recall election succeed, have agreed on a plan to decide which one will go on the ballot.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Leslie Jorgensen:

COLO. SPRINGS – Republican candidates Jaxine Bubis and Bernie Herpin have agreed that only one candidate should be on the ballot to recall and replace Democrat Senate President John Morse. The two signed a proposal to have a Republican vacancy committee cast ballots to select the party’s nominee on July 9.

“Many minds, many discussions, and many compromises went into this precedent-setting process, and I want to thank the SD11 precinct leaders and officers, my fellow El Paso County Republican Party officers, our state party chairman, and the candidates and campaign managers who have selflessly and courageously decided to take on this task,” said county GOP Chairman Jeff Hays…

The original proposal had included the entire SD 11 GOP Central Committee, but was changed last week to exclude bonus members and elected officials, according to a source close to the negotiations…

Cole said the recall endorsement election, which conforms to party bylaws, will allow the SD 11 chair, vice chair, secretary and precinct leaders to cast ballots from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9.

Morse was the lucky recipient of a split field in 2010, when a Libertarian candidate took 1,320 votes, allowing Morse to squeak by with a 340-vote margin over Republican challenger Owen Hill.

We’re glad to see that Republican candidates won’t be splitting the vote this time around.

Clearly the selection of a candidate through local party leadership is not a perfect process. Recall elections don’t allow for the more democratic process of a district assembly or primary where the wider community of SD11 Republicans can weigh in.

It is imperative that conservatives, and supporters of gun rights everywhere, are united heading into a battle likely to be bankrolled by New York City Mayor Bloomberg.

Much credit is due to the two candidates for letting cooler heads prevail and finding a solution that keeps the focus on Morse’s misdeeds and not Republican infighting.