The harassment of recall petition signers in Democratic State Sen. Angela Giron’s district by her supporters via phone has been well-documented here at the Peak.  Now, Pueblo United for Angela has undertaken a different tactic – sending mailers – with equally dismal reactions. One of Giron’s constituents posted her responses to Giron’s mailer on Facebook:

Giron’s camp is (patronizingly) assuming that those who signed the recall petition didn’t really know what they were signing.  This recipient disproves that theory in strong words”:

“In fact I see this as an infringement on my right to choose what and who I support.  Angela Giron has not and does not listen to her constituents.  Talk about a waste of money, do not call me or address me further in regard to this issue.”

We can’t help but wonder if Giron will listen this time.  We somehow doubt it.