Perhaps 5280 magazine ought to stick to what it knows best – food and travel – because the magazine sure doesn’t know politics.  Recently, the publication released it’s annual “Top of the Town” issue, which allows readers to vote for their favorites in a variety of categories.  Its editors also pick their favorites.  This year, readers picked Secretary of State Scott Gessler as “Best Rookie Politician”.

While we’re sure Gessler is flattered by the honor, it’s worth reminding readers that Gessler is actually not a “rookie”.  Even 5280 made fun of its readers for calling him a rookie:

“Really, readers? Gessler is no newbie to politics (he’s been secretary of state since 2011). And, since he’s eyeing the governor’s office, there’s little doubt that he plans to be around for a while.”

He’s been in the political game in one form or another for quite some time.  But, perhaps the eyebrow-raising honor is best juxtaposed with the fact that the editors at 5280 have named him “Politician to Vote Out of Office” for two years running.

Either way, once again, Gessler has left a wake of debate.  We’re guessing he “don’t care, he don’t give a @#^&”.