Giron is “shocked” to find out her group is employing criminals

While defenders of anti-gun Senators Angela Giron and John Morse have been trying to smear recall organizers as sex offenders and criminals, it turns out a worker for Senator Giron’s front group actually does have a criminal record.

On Saturday, a Giron worker who was trying to intimidate a recall petition signer into removing her name from the petition had the police called on him.

Reports the Pueblo Chieftain:

Giron’s campaign sent out a press release apologizing for an incident Saturday where a campaign worker tried to persuade an East Side woman to remove her name from the recall petitions. Her boyfriend apparently intervened as well as a neighbor and as the voices got louder, police were called to the home in the 1600 block of Bunker Hill.

It turned out the Giron worker, Elric Franco, was wanted on an outstanding warrant for contempt of court on a criminal mischief charge. He was arrested and also dismissed from the campaign.

When people charge the Giron campaign with Chicago-type tactics this is what they are talking about. Between Giron’s donor handing out cash to protesters who were harassing the recall organizers and now criminals trying to intimidate recall petition signers, it’s clear the tactics of Tammany Hall have come to Colorado.

UPDATE: Media Trackers has much, much more on this incident.

According to witnesses, Franco was arrested after an attempt to intimidate a resident who asked what he was doing in front of his house.

The owner of the house that Franco stood in front of had not signed the recall petition and was completely unaware of both the recall and the anti-gun legislation. When the owner asked why Franco was standing in front of his yard, Franco reportedly replied “it is none of your business you are not on the list, don’t worry about it.” Franco reportedly went on to tell the home owner to go back inside his house.

The back and forth between the Giron canvasser and the home owner escalated and Franco became verbally abusive to the home owner telling him to “get back in your [expletive deleted] house.”

According to the home owner, Franco then threatened to call the police on him and made a phone call. The home owner waited twenty minutes for the police to show up and when they didn’t, he called the police himself. Before the police arrived on the scene, Franco’s campaign coordinator arrived and began to take pictures of the neighbors and the home owner who confronted Franco.

For pictures of the arrest taking place and more potentially explosive information on a Giron campaign worker returning to the scene of the crime to photograph license plates and homes of people who complained, read the full story at Media Trackers Colorado.