A new explosive, hidden camera video has been obtained exclusively by Colorado Peak Politics showing Democratic State Senator Angela Giron’s protesters harassing recall signature gatherers and then being paid secretly in cash for their efforts, seemingly at the direction of Giron herself.

Giron is facing a recall campaign over her support for extreme gun control legislation. Recall organizers turned in over 13,500 signatures on Monday and they are currently being reviewed by the Secretary of State’s office for validity.

In the video, seen after the jump, recall organizers ask the protesters to stop blocking access to their petition tables, eventually having to call the cops when the protesters refuse to move.

Then it gets interesting.

Giron is seen talking to the police officers who were called to the scene. It’s not clear what is spoken about, but then it gets even more explosive.

The video shows an unidentified man secretly handing cash to multiple “volunteer” protesters, and then talking to Giron herself at the “scene of the crime.”

Did Senator Giron direct that her protesters illegally harass recall organizers? Where did that cash come from that is being used to pay the “volunteers”? Was it reported on campaign finance forms?

Senator Giron, call your office. You have some serious questions to answer.