Democrats in Colorado have made a big deal about the state government giving preference to in-state firms, but a review of the expenditures by the tax hike campaign shows that they are using two out-of-state firms to run their ballot initiative.

According to the first financial report for the tax hike group, they have hired Washington, DC-based Fieldworks to run their signature gathering efforts and Missouri-based Tightline Strategies to guide the process.

The registered agent for the condescendingly named campaign committee “Colorado Commits to Kids” is Tracie Moore of Tightline Strategies:

This hiring of out-of-state interests to run a Colorado campaign stands in stark contrast to Senate Democrats’ Senate Bill 1 from 2012, which would give a 5% preference to contractors bidding for state business who had at least 90% in-state employees.

It’s amazing to us that Democrats and liberals embrace the free market when spending their own dollars, but as soon as tax dollars are at stake they suddenly embrace a protectionist mindset.

It’s not like there aren’t liberal Colorado firms that specialize in gathering signatures.

But hypocrisy has rarely, if ever, given Colorado liberals much hesitation in their political tactics before.