One of the dumbest laws that came out of the 2013 legislative session was one that would require property owners and landlords to allow tenants to install electric car charging stations on their properties.  You know, to enable green transportation and all.  Turns out, electric cars aren’t actually greener than gasoline cars, according to a researcher, Ozzie Zehner, who examined recent studies of electric cars, many of which show that electric cars are not actually “green”.

Take, for example,a Norwegian study published last October that was mentioned in Zehner’s analysis.  Here is an excerpt from the IEEE Spectrum:

“The researchers considered acid rain, airborne particulates, water pollution, smog, and toxicity to humans, as well as depletion of fossil fuel and mineral resources. According to coauthor Anders Stromman, ‘electric vehicles consistently perform worse or on par with modern internal combustion engine vehicles, despite virtually zero direct emissions during operation.'”

Why does this matter?  It matters because far left Democrats pushed a so-called green agenda at the expense of property owners only to later learn that this unproved technology, in fact, doesn’t work.  As we noted earlier this year:

“Remember when the Colorado legislature required the equivalent of a gas station in your garage, a gas station that only benefited Democratic donors?  That’s what Coloradans will be saying if a ridiculous piece of legislation offered by Democrats Sen. Guzman and Rep. Duran is signed into law.”

It was signed into law, and Democratic donors, who have invested in this ridiculous technology, are laughing all the way to the bank.