The Secretary of State’s rejection of a motion to disallow all of the Morse recall signatures based on a language technicality, brought about by lawyers for John Morse supporters, has had a sobering effect on A Whole Lot of People for John Morse and their collaborators.

Nothing has been posted to the official Facebook page of A Whole Lot of People For John Morse since Tuesday, July 2.  Although it has been somewhat  interesting (in a Baghdad Bob sort of way) to read their wild claims of “rampant forgery,” “fraud,” and other strange accusations, their radio silence over the past week makes us wonder about the toll that grassroots organizers have taken on Morse from one body blow after another.  The WordPress blog that was set up by Morse supporters has also been in hibernation since June 23.

Morse’s options are quickly running out.  The recall opponents’ intimidation tactics failed to play out as they had hoped.  An appeal to the Secretary of State’s decision to let the recall petition language stand will most likely be filed in district court this week.  But, that could play out as just another Hail Mary pass.

Essentially out of options at this point, Morse and his supporters have some serious decisions to make in the coming days.  Perhaps that is why they have dialed back the wild accusations and headline-grabbing attacks.  Each day, it appears more likely that the next legislative session will open without the divisive Senate President under the golden dome – in one way or another.