We were wrong.  Recall target Democratic Senate President John Morse isn’t going gently into that good night.  He’s going to let the Los Angeles Times do the heavy lifting for him.  How courageous.  This morning, the newspaper published a piece about the Morse recall effort that attempted to frame Morse’s recall as a reaction to the massive overreach on gun regulation by the Colorado State Democratic legislators.  That’s just a symptom of the problem – Morse was elected to represent Coloradans and has failed miserably, bowing to special interests (ahem, Mayor Bloomberg) instead.

Fortunately, I Am Created Equal’s Laura Carno set the record straight about the Morse recall, telling the Los Angeles Times:

“What’s at stake in this recall election is the definition of the relationship between citizens and their government officials.  We hire you. We can fire you.”

That Morse ran off crying to a newspaper in Los Angeles should come as no surprise since he’s relied on primarily out-of-state sources to come to his rescue.  Maybe this just further underscores the need to recall Morse.  Does Colorado need a damsel in distress, who is now indebted to Mayor Bloomberg, as State Senate President?