Over the course of the next four months, proponents of the billion dollar tax hike on the ballot this November will continually suggest Colorado is 49th in education spending.

It’s falser than your grandma’s teeth.

But you don’t have to trust us.

Just read the annual report on education spending by the National Education Association (NEA), whose Colorado affiliate is bankrolling the tax hike campaign.

The largest donor to the tax hike campaign so far is the Colorado Education Association (CEA), to the tune of $250,000. But the CEA’s national organization, the NEA, found that Colorado is 26th in “Current Expenditures for Public K-12 Schools Per Student for 2011-2012” in their latest report.

Hopefully reporters will ask the tax hike campaign proponents why their propaganda directly contradicts their own funder’s report.

(h/t Complete Colorado Page Two)