According to the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon and the City Council will revoke one law per scheduled City Council meeting from June 2013 through May 2014.  Mayor Dunafon explained the rationale for his efforts dubbed the “Year of Freedom” to the newspaper:

“Glendale, like every other governmental unit from federal to state to local, adds more and more laws every year. Generally speaking most laws are proscriptive in nature in that they restrain an individual from taking an action and often making actions criminal offenses. As the laws pile up no one ever reviews the existing statutes to see which ones are now obsolete or simply no longer make any sense.”

The first law that was removed from Glendale’s books was an obscure law that prohibited the transfer of a so-called “assault weapon”.  According to the now-defunct law, the definition of assault weapon was a gun with “folding stocks” and/or with “a greater rate of fire or firing capacity than reasonably necessary for legitimate sports, recreation or protection activities.”  Obviously, a very clear definition.  The law was removed by a 4-2 vote at the June 4, 2013 meeting.

Glendale also played host to the recent Free Colorado “Farewell to Arms” event held just days before Colorado’s far reaching gun control bills, which made standard capacity 20-round magazines illegal, went into effect on July 1.  With just 48-hour notice, the event drew crowds a mile-long long.  With Denver becoming increasingly restrictive, Glendale may become the lone island of freedom in the Denver Metro area.