The second quarter fundraising numbers are out for Colorado’s top political races. This early in the election cycle, it’s hard to make apples-to-apples comparisons as candidates declared at different times, including some after the fundraising cutoff date.

Going forward you can expect to find the raw data on fundraising first here at Colorado Peak Politics for all the races you care about, and maybe even some you don’t.

We have decided not to include races that don’t matter. For example, we don’t care what Diana DeGette or Doug Lamborn raised, unless they have serious primary challengers. (Which they both currently don’t)

UPDATE: 6th Congressional District race added

UPDATE 2: Hick is still fundraising into his 2010 account, those figures added.


Office (Date declared)                  Total Raised Q2                           Cash on Hand


John Hickenlooper (D)                 $244,637                                       $588,048

Tom Tancredo (R) (5/23)              $31,540                                         $30,129

Greg Brophy (R)                             N/A (entered race after June 30 cutoff)

Scott Gessler (R) (5/30)                $76,414                                         $50,554

Attorney General

Cynthia Coffman (R) (6/12)          $28,410                                         $28,025

Don Quick (D) (2/15)                     $49,320                                         $92,393

Mark Waller (R)                             N/A (entered race after June 30 cutoff)


Walker Stapleton (R) (4/07)        $10,025                                          $9,997

Betsy Markey (D)                            N/A (entered race after June 30 cutoff)

Secretary of State

Ken Gordon (D) (12/5/12)            $0                                                   $2,937

Joe Neguse (D) (6/24)                 $28,484                                         $27,460 

6th Congressional District

Mike Coffman (R)                         $566,203                                       $854,853

Andrew Romanoff (D)                 $506,169                                       $918,416