The debate over whether Denver parks should charge exercise groups a fee for use continues to wage in the media.  It started with a story in the New York Times, but, it looks like left-wing fringe group,, has entered the fray as well.  In a Denver Post article that ran yesterday, reporter Jeremy Meyer quoted so-called citizen Thad Tecza about his opinion about the fees in the park.  The problem is that Tecza is no ordinary citizen.  Here’s what Tecza had to say about the use of the parks:

“The fees in this instance are nonsense, a subsidy to private business.  The point is, parks belong to the public. They are not-for-profit businesses. What you are engaged in doing is giving public access to people to make private property. That is a violation of the trust that was given to you as City Council people.”

When we saw his name, we thought it sounded familiar, so we Googled.  Tecza was a University of Colorado professor of political science (great!) and member of who made an a$$ out of himself at a townhall meeting hosted by Congressman Mike Coffman in September 2011 by physically turning his chair around and sarcastically clapping in the faces of those around him.  Here’s the video from Kelly Maher of Revealing Politics:

Judge for yourself if this “citizen” represents the average citizen in Colorado.  We certainly hope not.