Ever since the verdict was handed down in the George Zimmerman trial, politicians have been attempting to grab their share of the limelight. In Colorado that included state Senator Jesse “Ballpoint Pen” Ulibarri (D-Denver) writing a bizarre essay claiming it wasn’t safe for his son to play with his Nerf gun in public anymore.

Beyond lame attempts like Ulibarri’s to graft himself onto the story of the day, we wonder whether Democrats will try to make any legislative moves on the issue, seeing that they control all three levers of legislative power.

Similar to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is Colorado’s “Make My Day” law which allows people to use deadly force against intruders in their home. In Colorado, the intruder doesn’t have to be armed, nor do you have to identify yourself before using deadly force, Attorney General John Suthers told 9News.

Democrats have continually rejected a “Make My Day Better” law that would allow people to use deadly force to defend their businesses, as well as their homes.

Coming off the “most liberal ever” legislative session, do Democrats have some unfinished business in their progressive agenda?

Will Colorado Democrats attempt to overturn the “Make My Day” law in the 2014 legislative session?