After yesterday’s court ruling allowing the recalls of anti-gun Senators John Morse and Angela Giron to go forward, we were reminded of how unlikely liberals predicted this very scenario was to occur.

It all started back in March, when the recalls first got off the ground. Our good friends at Colorado Pols boldly predicted at the time:

[I]t is appearing less likely every day any of these recall elections will make the ballot, and it’s quite likely the efforts will quietly fold relatively soon.

Well, fold they didn’t. Grassroots organizers in Pueblo and Colorado Springs were able to generate a bipartisan coalition of petition signers. Less than half of the Morse petition signers were Republicans, and GOP signatories represented barely 51% on the Giron petition.

But worry not, Colorado Pols told their readers. Democrat lawyers have it all locked down. If the courts simply follow the Constitution, as Democrats see it, then the recalls won’t ever see the light of day:

Should the state follow precedent and continue to abide by the Constitution as it was written and applied in the appeals court…then the recall efforts aimed at Sen. Morse and Sen. Angela Giron are probably toast. [Pols emphasis]

Well, that didn’t work out either. The backup spin was that if Hickenlooper just waited long enough to set the recall dates, the liberal student body of Colorado College would ride to Morse’s rescue in Colorado Springs:

Gov. Hickenlooper is not attempting to prevent the recall election from going forward, but his interpretation of the law, to wait until court challenges are resolved, will result in the 2,000 member student body of Colorado College being able to participate in the recall election.

Unfortunately for Morse, that liberal enclave happens to sit just outside of Morse’s district. Maybe Colorado Pols should have consulted a map before offering false hope to their readers.

Remind us, Colorado Pols, who’s wheels are coming off the wagon?