On the one-year anniversary of the Aurora theater shooting, communities have come together to remember and honor the victims.  Some have come for comfort, others to grieve.  The Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Aurora,  Nancy Sheffield, who helped plan the Day of Remembrance, told the Fox News Channel:

“There’s no script for something like this. [What the city wants is] the ultimate way to remember the victims, the families, the survivors, in a healing way and going forward for our community.”

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan offered the following words during a remembrance ceremony, according to the Associated Press:

“One year ago, the peace of our community was shattered.  We are still seeking justice.  It is important for us to remember that one senseless act does not, cannot and will not define us as a community.  This is a story of resilience, not just of Aurora, but of humankind.”

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call also issued a statement about the anniversary:

“Our hearts continue to go out to those who lost loved ones or were injured, and we express gratitude for the first responders and those who have provided support to the families of the victims of this shocking and senseless tragedy.  We applaud the work of law enforcement and prosecutors who are helping ensure that the perpetrator of this terrible crime is brought to justice.”