A recent federal study by the Department of Energy and a private laboratory, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, found that fracking fluids did not seep into drinking water as environmentalists have been howling about for the past few years.  The Denver Post took to its editorial page to correct the lies that the green lobby has been spreading in order to further their own agenda:

“What The Associated Press is calling a “landmark federal study” by the Department of Energy monitored fracking fluids for a year that were injected deep underground in wells in western Pennsylvania. By tagging the fracking fluid with ‘unique markers,’ federal scientists could locate them if they migrated into groundwater.

They didn’t.

Indeed, no trace of the fluid was detected in a monitoring zone that was still a mile below drinking water.”

This is great news for the oil and gas industry, one of the state’s fastest growing industries, and for Colorado’s economy.  It should also allay fears brought forth by 26 craft brewers in Colorado who recently were hoodwinked into writing a letter to Governor Hickenlooper to urge him to protect brewers’ water supply – by limiting fracking.  Even the Denver Post offered a special shout out to the poor naive brewers:
“Good clean water is indeed a necessity for good local beer. And we’re happy we enjoy plenty of both in Colorado, with little likelihood of either being compromised by the continued production of oil and gas.”
Quite frankly, it’s time for the green lobby to stop using fraudulent scare tactics in order to bolster their idiotic investments in the green energy space.  Time and time again, these projects have not lived up to their promise.  Hopefully, with this study, the country can move on without the left’s whining and moaning, but we doubt it.