As the campaign to take on Governor Hickenlooper heats up, a number of gubernatorial candidates have been citing your anonymous editors here at Colorado Peak Politics.

State Senator Greg Brophy, a politician we’ve been known to gush about from time to time, uses a number of our glowing reviews in his first web ad.

Check out it here:

(In a side note to Lynn Bartels who wrote it was our job to gush on Republicans, ask Dan Maes and Matt Arnold if we gush about all Republicans)

Last week, Secretary of State Scott Gessler used a picture we published of Governor Hickenlooper signing the petition for the billion dollar tax increase in a fundraising email:

Colorado Peak Politics broke the story last week that Governor John Hickenlooper signed the petition for a BILLION DOLLAR TAX increase. Hickenlooper has long been whispered to support this fiscally reckless measure – but today a picture came out of Hickenlooper signing the petition, not after conducting a public hearing, not after listening to both sides of the issue, but in a closed political meeting.

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We greatly appreciate the extra traffic Brophy and Gessler’s mentions have brought us. But you know what we’d appreciate more? Advertising dollars. Our rent doesn’t pay itself.

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