Every time Secretary of State Scott Gessler talks about how “dirty” our voter rolls are, the left’s attack machine grinds into gear with accusation of voter suppression and that he’s against minorities. But now that the left is losing, they actually have the audacity to say Gessler isn’t doing enough to clean the rolls.

To recap, in 2011, a state law expired that required counties to mail to inactive voters who had missed an even-year November election and failed to respond to mailings from their county clerks. Denver and Pueblo counties decided even though the law sunsetted, they would mail to inactive voters anyway. Gessler enforced the law and expressed concern that due to sloppy voter rolls, we’d have no way of knowing that those inactive voters are still at their registered address.

Gessler’s lawsuit was met with charges of racism. Daughter of corrupt union boss Ernie Duran, Rep. Crisanta Duran, got in on the action with her press release claiming, “The Colorado Republican machine is determined to block access to the ballot box for thousands upon thousands of voters—using fear, phony statistics, and racially-charged anti-immigration rhetoric to create roadblocks for eligible citizens to exercise the most basic of American rights.” Rev. Dawn Riley Duval, a self-proclaimed community organizer, told The Colorado Statesman, “This is not right to take away voter rights based on being a ‘failed-inactive voter.’ Permanent mail-in voting means permanent mail-in voting.” Democrat and minority voters should be mailed a ballot to their grave or it’s racist.

More recently, Gessler explained that hundreds of voters self-identified themselves as non-citizens and asked to be removed from the rolls. He took the initiative to work with DMV and the federal immigration database to identify other non-citizen voters. Once flagged as non-citizens, Gessler mailed letters asking for the individuals to either remove themselves or prove their citizenship.

Similarly, the Morse camp mailed letters to the people who signed the petition requesting a recall of the Senate President. As part of that mailing they found…wait for it…deceased and fraudulent voters. Now, commenters on the leftist blog ColoradoPols are saying that Gessler is shirking his duties to maintain clean voter records after beating him up for doing too much to remove ineligible voters from the rolls. One commenter says, “And your pal Gessler failed to do his due dilgence, and he failed to do his job. That very fact alone should force Gessler’s resignation.”

Every attempt Gessler has made to offer laws to help clean up our voter rolls and improve the integrity of our election system has been thwarted by the Democrats in the legislature, including the Democrats up for recall. Now, with their asses on the line, they’re blaming Gessler for the inaccurate voter rolls? These guys are just shooting blanks.