Shhh! Sen. Udall is legislating!

It’s no secret that we think Democratic Senator Mark Udall isn’t terribly effective in the U.S. Senate.  But, this week, we feel like he’s just asking us to write another post about how silly the bills he sponsors are. And, it’s not just that they’re silly – it’s that we have real problems in this state and nationwide, and he shouts this nonsense from the solar panels on his rooftops.


First, he and fellow Democratic Senator Michael Bennet introduce an amendment to a bill that would re-appropriate $42 million in unused transportation funds to create train horn “quiet zones” in Colorado communities.  Ok, that’s great – everyone wants peace and quiet.

Then, he backs a bill to replace the one dollar bill with coins in order to save money.  Although, there are practical considerations at play (what about vending machine slots?)  But, sure, why not?

It’s not that these bills are bad.  But, these are seemingly the only things he’s done in the Senate.  We wouldn’t bat an eye at these bills as part of a larger repertoire of work.  But, this is his repertoire of work.  Well, that and passing civil unions in Colorado.  Oh.  Wait.  When was the last time he served at the State level?  Right.

And, then, there was his famed bipartisan seating chart for the State of the Union.

Look, dollar coins, train whistles, seating charts, sure whatever, but when can we get to the meat and potatoes of the issues that plague Coloradans?