KRDO, a local TV station covering Colorado Springs and Pueblo, did a fact check on new recall defense TV ads for State Senators Angela Giron and John Morse and found them full of “false” and “misleading” attacks they characterized as “low blows.”

And just like The Denver Post did, KRDO notes the fact that Giron and Morse completely ignore their gun control votes in recall ads that came about due to those very votes.

Notably missing from both ads is any mention of the controversial gun control legislation that sparked the recall efforts.

Another similarity is misleading information about exactly who’s behind those efforts, with both ads citing “extreme groups from Denver.”

A spokeswoman for A Whole Lot of People For John Morse, the group that created the ad, says the line is referencing the fact that there have been plenty of outside contributions to the recall campaign, including money from Denver.

But the bottom line is, the recall signatures were collected from local voters, in Colorado Springs for Morse and Pueblo for Giron. And the beginnings of the recall attempt for Giron was as grassroots as it gets: a 28-year-old Pueblo plumber and his brother got it going.

“The two gentlemen that started this, they are not the type of people you would label special interest,” said political analyst Clarissa Arellano. “You know, blue collar workers from Pueblo, the core of that community. To suggest that outside sources and special interests drove that campaign, that is a low blow.”

Check out the full video of KRDO’s fact check here. It’s not to be missed.

We know Morse and Giron want to paint their opposition as a powerful gun lobby run by the NRA, and have succeeded in getting some lazy reporters to frame it that way, but the facts have a way of catching up to them.

As KRDO points out, Victor Head — the 28-year-old plumber from Pueblo behind Giron’s recall — is a “blue collar worker from Pueblo, the core of that community.”

KRDO says it best — “to suggest that outside sources and special interests drove that campaign, that is a low blow.”

Then again, the recall defense campaigns of Senators Giron and Morse have taught us to not expect anything but.