Yesterday, the special interest groups backing Initiative 22 (the billion dollar tax hike) sent out a self-congratulatory press release about the funding that they had scraped together for a marketing campaign to burden Colorado’s hard-working families with a union bail out.  Here is who is backing the scheme – definitely thank them for their support.  (That’s sarcasm, folks.)

$250,000 – Pat Stryker, Needs No Moniker for Her Blatant Influence Peddling

$250,000 – David Merage, Merage Financial (have you tried Hot Pockets?  They invented the product and sold it to Nestle for a bundle.  Guess now that they have theirs, no need to worry about other entrepreneurs trying to achieve their American Dream.)

$250,000 – Colorado Education Association (read: Teachers Union)

$150,000 – Gary Community Investment Company (funders of the Piton Foundation, you know, where that illegal donor who complained about Gessler worked?  Clearly a nonpartisan outfit.)

$50,000 – Stand for Children, which has been a great partner to the teachers unions in Oregon.  Here is what the Oregon Education Association had to say about the left-wing Stand for Children in 2009 in Colorado Ed News:

“They’ve partnered with us and other education advocates to increase mentoring for new teachers and for school funding generally.  They’ve also helped us fight merit pay for teachers at the ballot, which voters just rejected for the second time.”

Currently, Stand and OEA are among the advocates for a ‘tax fairness package’ that will soon go before voters to increase funding for K-12 schools, she said.”

$20,000 – Dan Ritchie

$10,000 – McWhinney Holdings

$10,000 – Brad Busse, RBC Capital

$10,000 – Colorado Hospital Association

$5,000 – Don Elliman (You may remember him as Governor Ritter’s economic development guy)

$5,000 – Barbara Grogan, Western Industrial Contractors