Governor Hickenlooper may like to joke about his collapsing poll numbers, but Politico suggests his newfound political peril is no laughing matter.

In an article about the gubernatorial races across the country in 2014, Hickenlooper is singled out as a Democrat governor with a tough re-election ahead of him.

Referencing the latest Quinnipiac poll of Colorado that found Hickenlooper’s numbers collapsing faster than Greece’s credit score, Politico suggests Hick’s 2014 re-election could be a “nail biter.”

Per Politico‘s James Hohmann:

In Colorado, for example, Hickenlooper was one of the nation’s most popular governors not long ago. A push for background checks in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting and a temporary reprieve for a man on death row brought his numbers back to earth. He’s still favored to win reelection, but one recent poll suggests it will be a nail-biter.