“Gasland” director Josh Fox

Sometimes riding the center median results in nothing but road rash, as Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper has discovered this year.  The latest results of Hick’s (failed) attempts to be a moderate on fracking issues have included a call to primary Hick in the 2014 election by none other than “Gasland” fraud disseminator director Josh Fox at Aspen Film’s New Views documentary series.  He was there pimping his second installment of the green energy propaganda series.  Here’s what Fox had to say, according to the Aspen Daily News:

“We should only call him Frackenlooper from now on.  He clearly does not understand this issue at all and clearly needs some education. What he’s doing is poisoning the landscape and a betrayal of the public trust. … Gov. Hickenlooper should get primaried unless he can get some of this together.”

We’re not ones to prop up Hickenlooper, but it’s likely that he knows more about fracking than Fox does since he was actually a geologist at one point.  Of course, the right would relish a Hickenlooper primary; however, Fox’s ramblings should probably be taken with a grain of salt, anyway.  After all, “Fracknation” exposed the truth (or, more accurately, the untruths) of the first “Gasland”.  In case you’ve forgotten this memorable exchange between “Fracknation” director Phelim McAleer and Fox, feel free to watch below:

But, if there is a greenie out there that wants to primary Hick, who are we to get in the way?