The grassroots group that organized to recall State Senator Angela Giron for her anti-gun votes — Pueblo Freedom and Rights — has launched two TV ads that should put to rest any notion that they are somehow part and parcel of an all-powerful “national gun lobby.”

The first spot pushes back against the lies coming from Giron’s campaign that her opponents are somehow out-of-state interests, or “extremists from Denver.” It features the three plumbers from Pueblo who initiated and ran the recall effort speaking direct to camera earnestly about their grassroots effort.

The ad has a charm about it — far from a slickly produced spot, it’s a raw, amateurish ad that underscores the grassroots nature of the recall effort. No political professionals are they, but everyday citizens fed up with their rights being violated by a Senator who won’t listen.

The second spot features video of Senator Giron saying that a question about whether she will protect Second Amendment rights is not a yes or no question.

Down in Pueblo, most voters probably don’t see it that way. The Bill of Rights ain’t shades of grey.

Check out the second ad after the jump: