Senate President John Morse, facing a historic recall election over his anti-gun votes, was a little too honest in a Colorado Springs Gazette article today, saying that talking to his constituents door-to-door is “boring” and “tedious.”

Usually it’s not smart politically to say you’re bored by talking with the very people you are seeking to keep you in office.

As the Gazette‘s Megan Schrader reports:

The rain had barely ebbed and the flash flood warning passed when Senate President John Morse knocked on the first door Monday evening in the West Divine Redeemer neighborhood.

No answer.

That’s the norm when the embattled state senator knocks on Democrat-friendly doors looking for supporters in Senate District 11…

“It’s highly effective. That’s why we commit to doing this,” Morse said. “It’s tedious. It’s boring. But it works.” [Peak emphasis]

This is not the first time Morse has spoken derisively of contact with constituents. When on MSNBC during the gun debate, Morse bragged about advising his fellow Democratic Senators to ignore emails from their constituents.

That statement is now the focus of a TV ad hitting Morse by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

If Morse finds constituents emails “toxic” and talking to them at their front doors “boring” and “tedious” why is he in elected office in the first place?

Don’t worry, Senator Morse, if the recall people have their way, you won’t be bored for much longer.