Democrats who once promised to campaign on Obamacare in 2014 might want to reconsider their pitch to their base of young voters. An article in The Hill today reports that young Coloradans are about to see a 140% increase in their premiums for basic coverage.

Reports The Hill‘s Sam Baker:

Young people in Colorado will pay more to buy a bare-bones insurance plan under ObamaCare, according to the state’s rate information.

The average premium for a middle-of-the-road policy will roughly hold steady across the state, but premiums for the cheapest policies appear likely to rise.

A 27-year-old non-smoker would pay $135 per month next year for the state’s cheapest catastrophic plan — the skimpiest level of coverage available through the healthcare law’s new insurance exchanges.

That’s about 140 percent more than the cheapest policy on the market today.

Unfortunately for all the young people in Colorado who don’t work for Congress, they won’t be exempted from this massive rate shock.

With youth unemployment in Colorado considerably higher than the state average, a 140% increase in healthcare premiums is going to be a tough pill to swallow.

Thanks, Obamacare!