Boy, howdy, the tax hike initiative folks really drew out a crowd for the grand opening announcement.

“Before a crowd of more than 100…, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper helped kick off” the tax campaign, according to FOX reporter Eli Stokols.

Teachers should be sure to put E.N.T.H.U.S.I.A.S.M on their spelling tests this fall, huh?

Elsewhere the same day, Coloradans celebrated spending money on something other than paying taxes.

Cabela’s opened its Denver-area stores.

More than 10,000 line up,” reported Steve Raabe, “making it the largest grand opening in the company’s history” according to 9News.

These were huntin’, fishin’, hikin’ kinds of people lookin’ for a bargain. About 100 times as many people as supported the tax hike.

Come this fall’s election, don’t count on any bargains.