Americans for Prosperity Colorado, under the new leadership of the highly-regarded GOP operative Dustin Zvonek, has joined the school board fight in Douglas County. Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a 501(c)3, launched a TV ad today featuring a Douglas County resident talking about the good work of the reform-minded school board.

The school board has been under assault by the AFL-CIO and its local teachers union lately, who are upset that the school board took away taxpayer funding for union boss salaries and instead redirected it into the classroom — among other reforms that shook up the status quo.

If you look closely, you’ll notice it quotes our good friends over at The Colorado Observer. AFP’s full press release on the TV spot is after the jump:

AFP Foundations announces “It’s Working” Campaign to Highlight Benefits of School Reforms in Douglas County

Parker, CO – The state’s largest free-market organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Colorado, today launched a multi-faceted education campaign effort aimed at keeping Douglas County Public Schools moving forward with ongoing reforms. This comes in response to efforts by teacher unions and other left-wing special interests to reverse years of progress in the district.

AFP Foundation-CO will launch the effort with a series of television ads that will begin airing today. “Douglas County School District is leading by example, proving that choice, higher standards and merit pay for teachers does improve the quality of education for students,” said AFP Foundation-CO State Director Dustin Zvonek. “Anybody who questions whether these innovative reforms can actually strengthen our education system needs to look no further than Douglas County, where it’s working”.

While those hoping to rollback such innovations are desperately trying to paint these and other positive changes as something counterproductive and controversial, the district by all measures is not just healthy but thriving thanks to a pro-reform school board. “Reform has brought real benefits to Douglas County and it’s important that all citizens know that in Douglas County education reform is working”, concluded Zvonek.

Please direct all media inquiries to AFP Foundation-CO State Director Dustin Zvonek at 72 0-219-1451.

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