A new Quinnipiac poll of Colorado was just released showing 54% of Colorado voters oppose the state’s new draconian gun laws.

Forget all those figures about 90% support that Democrats trotted out time and again. A majority say they oppose them, while 40% say they make Colorado less safe to 37% who say they make the state safer.

Independents line up with Republicans in opposition to the laws. Per Quinnipiac:

All voters oppose 54 – 40 percent the stricter new gun control laws which led to the recall effort. Democrats support the stricter laws 78 – 16 percent, while opposition is 89 – 7 percent among Republicans and 56 – 39 percent among independent voters. Women are divided on the stricter laws 48 – 45 percent, with men opposed 64 – 33 percent.

The poll, which was statewide, also found voters oppose the recalls of Senators John Morse and Angela Giron. But, as we pointed out on Twitter, statewide voter opinion doesn’t matter in the case of the recalls. Only the opinions of voters living in Morse’s Senate District 11 and Senator Giron’s District 3 make a difference at this point.

These results only further confirm what the previous Quinnipiac poll of Colorado found — that voters are not happy with the current Democrat-led legislature. That poll found 49% of Colorado disapproving of the legislature, so a 54% opposition to the Democrats’ signature legislative accomplishment makes perfect sense.