General David Petraeus had his hagiographer Paula Broadwell. A close Colorado equivalent has emerged in Max Potter to Governor John Hickenlooper.

Potter, the former 5280 Magazine editor who recently went to work for Governor Hickenlooper as a communications staffer, has a reputation for writing what is known in the industry as “blowjobs.” Specifically, and perhaps in a more family friendly description, he writes hagiographies of Democrats. Glowing profiles. Puff pieces. Uncritical trash. 

In fact, the longest piece ever published in 5280 Magazine was a profile of Hickenlooper by Potter that read something like a Colorado version of “All In”, Broadwell’s gushy tome about General Petraeus.

Now that he’s on the government dole Potter has suddenly found plenty of free time — way more than when he was a member of the media — to continue slobbering all over the left on Twitter. In this case, his bosses.

Sucking up to Hick Chief of Staff, and official tucker-in-bed of Nathan Dunlap, Roxane White:

And a nice, wet kiss for Hick’s chief political advisor, Alan Salazar.

Best buds with the big boss:

His Twitter profile even includes a pathetic suck-up to his new boss:

We think many people, at least according to the latest Quinnipiac poll of Colorado, would disagree with the assertion that the world needs more of John Hickenlooper (@hickforco).

Potter is making $130,000 in his taxpayer funded gig — a “significant pay cut” a Hickenlooper spokesman whined to The Denver Post — to do what, exactly?

Write gooey love notes to his fellow Hickenlooper political appointees?

In the immortal words of “the Bobs” of Office Space, we have but one question for Potter: what would you say you do here?