Yesterday in Boulder was the first in a series of so-called “Frack Free Beer Festivals.”  While fracking fluid has never been found in beer, or any other drink for that matter, sponsors Oskar Blues Brewery and El Dorado Springs Water are very concerned about “ensuring our beer security.

It is interesting to note that craft brewers’ prime demographic (young adults) is likely to be most negatively impacted by the rising gasoline and energy prices that would result from a ban on fracking in Colorado.  With nearly $1 trillion in student debt outstanding, the fixed costs in young Americans’ budget don’t leave a lot of room for increased energy expenses.  With youth unemployment at 16.3% last month, and 45% of youth holding positions in the low-paying retail, leisure, and hospitality industries, there is not a whole lot of disposable income.

The fact that this is a phantom issue to begin with, makes us really wonder what this entire movement is all about.  Even President Obama’s own Department of Energy could not find a trace of fracking fluid in test areas a mile below drinking water in its landmark study on hydraulic fracturing.  Every day it seems more likely that the anti-fracking crowd simply does not want fossil fuels used in energy production, and that fracking just looks to them like the industry’s Achilles heel at this present time, because the science sure isn’t backing them up.

And, the leader of this so-called industry, Al Gore, is so desperate to advance his green energy industry that just last week he resorted to making up “news” that climate change has caused hurricanes to become so bad that scientists are making up a new category for the worst – a category “six” hurricane, which caused mass confusion among the scientific community, which offered a collective “nuh-uh” in response to his groundbreaking news.  Good thing that spokesman for the left Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein threw himself under the bus on this one.

Finally, it is the height of hypocrisy for the producers of a product (we’re talking about beer, folks) that that has been proven time and time again to destroy bodies and actually kill people to try to shut down one of the most significant industrial breakthroughs of this century under the proven false pretense that the process harms people.

In case, PeakNation™,  you were unable to attend Sunday’s celebrations you will have another opportunity on October 26th in Grand Junction.