How bad is the teachers union fighting Douglas County school reform? Ask Juan Williams.

We don’t often agree with Juan Williams, liberal Fox News contributor. But on the issue of education reform, Williams is part of the expanding coalition of African-American leaders fed up with the decaying state of union-controlled public schools.

Two nights ago, Williams absolutely unloaded on that union — American Federation of Teachers — the one and the same union responsible for spinning up reporters on non-sense laden story lines and attacking reform in DougCo whenever and however they can.

Roll the tape:

A transcript of the key section, courtesy of The Daily Caller:

“I look today at some of the reports on union spending — it’s unbelievable,” Williams continued. “[The American Federation of Teachers] — you know, AFT and their affiliates in New York, tens of thousands of dollars going to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and NAACP. Same thing with the National Education Association — NEA. Why? Because they know that they don’t want those civil rights leaders to ever stand up and say yes to charter schools, yes to vouchers, yes to school reform. Yes to Rahm Emanuel in Chicago saying that we need the black community. Poor people need better schools, and you can’t make excuses at the cost of our children and our children’s future.”