The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) is out with a new web ad rounding up the brutal TV coverage of the latest Quinnipiac Poll of Colorado that found John Hickenlooper’s re-election in serious peril.

That poll found 48% of voters did not want to see Hickenlooper re-elected to only 45% who did. It continues a troubling trend from the previous Quinnipiac poll in June which found voters had begun souring on Hickenlooper in a serious way.

One particularly harsh assessment of Hickenlooper in the video is made by The Washington Post‘s Jackie Kucinich, who, when recounting Hick’s poor marks on the death penalty and guns, says “people don’t like him.”

While the latest Quinnipiac poll may have found people like Hickenlooper as a person, they were no fan of his leadership as governor. As his critics have increasingly said — nice guy, wrong for the job.