Morse recall volunteers wave goodbye to the Senate President

Voting in the recall of anti-gun rights Senate President John Morse began yesterday, and early reports indicate it’s going to come down to the wire. As Dan Rather once remarked about the 2004 Presidential election, this race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.

Morse has been heavily outspending his recall opponents, with the help of out-of-state billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Eli Broad. Virtually every Democrat in the known universe has been down in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for weeks, canvassing every waking hour they have.

Unfortunately, supporters of the recall have not had the same financial firepower, nor canvassing support.

Now is the last chance to make a difference and send an unmistakable signal nationally, that those who violate Constitutional rights will pay a heavy price.

You can sign up to volunteer at or call 719-749-8051. Recall supporters tell us they are in dire need of volunteers to help turn out the vote. Voting ends Tuesday, so this weekend’s push will be your last chance to be a part of the political story of the year.

So far, Republicans are turning out in sizable numbers according to The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels.

But don’t let those early turnout figures fool you. In 2012, Republicans held a healthy lead in Colorado turnout early on, but went on to lose in spectacular fashion.

To repeat an oft-used political truism – it all comes down to turnout. Now get your @ss out on the campaign trail.