UPDATE (11:30 PM): Victor Head responds to Morse’s smear:

Senate President John Morse is a bitter, angry man. Lashing out at the organizer of the recall of his fellow Democratic Senator Angela Giron on MSNBC, Morse falsely asserted that the organizer in question — Victor Head — was an “unemployed plumber who all of the sudden had $20,000 to spend.”

Here’s the transcript:

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: What message do you think it would send if you are recalled on Tuesday?

Senate President John Morse: Well I think what it sends is you can lie, cheat and steal, force a recall election and get people out of office. I take exception with part of the show to begin with, where this is a grassroots effort in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. In Pueblo, you know, it was an unemployed plumber who all of the sudden had $20,000 to spend on this effort.

In fact, Victor owns a family plumbing business with his brother Adam, which he took over when his father was diagnosed with cancer.

Just like the plumbing business, Victor’s group seeking to recall Giron – Pueblo Freedom and Rights – is a family affair as well. Victor’s mother, Rosie, volunteers for the group and his brother Adam has been intimately involved as well.

Stay classy, John Morse.

As for the $20,000 conspiracy theory, we have no idea where the hell Morse got that from. Victor and his fellow grassroots organizers collected all of their signatures with a 100% volunteer force. They are far from a well funded, professionally run effort.

Giron’s group, on the other hand, is running TV ads during NFL games, while the ads for Victor’s group are running at midnight during re-runs of “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

Check out the video of Morse’s latest angry, bitter tirade after the jump (relevant section starts at 1:05):

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