UPDATE 5: We win all the recalls!!!

UPDATE 4: SHOCKER!!!! Pueblo results flip after more votes come in: UPDATE 3: Morse concedes!

UPDATE 2: Morse recall results stay steady with about 3,000 more votes counted.


As 9News’ Brandon Rittiman notes, it’s looking real ugly for Morse:


UPDATE: Giron results have only trickled in. Hard to tell too much at this point:

Caution: These are only partial results. Only 14  22/ 31 precincts are reporting so far, according to the AP:

Some context via The Denver Post’s Kurtis Lee:

The results for the historic Colorado recall elections of Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron will be available shortly after 7 pm. Check back here for the latest updates.

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But if you’re a political junkie like us, and want the results the second they come out, here are some good resources:

For Morse: El Paso County Clerk and Recorder live update of Senate District 11 results here.

For Giron: Pueblo County Clerk and Recorder live update of Senate District 3 results here.

(Note: Pueblo Clerk Bo Ortiz can’t seem to get his website up. Click here for SD3 via the Secretary of State)

The Associated Press is also running their own live updates of results from both races here