Here are two post-recall comments:

  • “We hope the outcome of Tuesday’s recall elections closes an ugly chapter in Colorado’s political history…. [I]t was inappropriate to launch recalls against Morse and Giron simply for their votes…. [Don’t] use the recall process to undermine our system of regular, democratic elections.”
  • “I want to go up with a philosophy to vote on bills that I believe reflects my values — which I believe reflects the values of the people of Pueblo.”

The first is the Denver Post editorial seeking to delegitimate recalls, part of our state’s constitution for more than a century. In their view, voting when people want to is just plain “ugly.” Had the Post looked for “ugly” in recent Colorado elections, a lot of ink would have gone into chastising Democratic-run groups’ mailings that created phony issues from a tissue of misrepresentations.

The second is State Senator-elect George Rivera of Pueblo telling KRDO his plans as a legislator. Rivera clearly believes that he and the people of Pueblo share common values. Rivera has the view that the people’s values should guide the legislative process, not who will fund the next campaign. A large share of Coloradans simply think that the Democratic-controlled legislature ceased to listen to our citizenry … and instead voted the agenda of out-of-state liberals who fund their campaigns.

Of these two, which attitude serves Colorado best?