Democrats who hoped that former Senators John Morse and Angela Giron would go gently into the good night are probably shaking their head in frustration right about now. Last night, appearing on MSNBC‘s “All In With Chris Hayes”, the former Senators continued their excuse tour and offered some factually incorrect assertions on the Navy Yard shooting. 

Giron in particular embarrassed herself with two completely false claims that must have made even her liberal supporters wince in reaction.

The first mind-boggling incorrect fact spouted by Giron was that the Navy Yard shooter would have failed a background check:

Giron: Well, in fact, we know in this particular case that this man, who went and gunned down people would probably not have passed a background check had he went to purchase some firearms.

Politifact ruling: Pants on Fire. As The Washington Times reported:

Aaron Alexis easily passed Federal Bureau Investigation and Virginia state background checks to purchase a shotgun from Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Va., over the weekend, The Washington Times has learned.

The retail store put the former Navy reservist’s name through both systems checks before selling him a shotgun and shotgun shells, a source familiar with the transaction said.

Then later in interview Giron makes up another whopper:

Giron: In this case in particular we can look at it was a Naval yard. You couldn’t have anymore armed people than in that case right there.

Again, not true. As Slate’s Dave Weigel noted this morning:

Democrats can’t credibly threaten to pass a (gun control) bill. They can’t even sound credible when they talk about the need for one. On MSNBC last night, recalled Colorado Sen. Angela Giron argued that “you couldn’t have any more armed people than were there” at Navy Yard. That wasn’t true. The newest political martyr of the gun safety cause had accidentally made the argument for letting people carry guns into more workplaces.

It’s worth watching the whole segment as the host asks a great question that Morse rejects out of hand, but it’s a good one nonetheless:

Hayes: Senator Morse, do you think you were defeated by the gun lobby or by gun owners? Which is to say sometimes I think we who favor more gun safety legislation can create the NRA into being this monstrous entity, that in some ways serves their purposes. Was this a product of the gun lobby or were your constituents really angry at you for the vote you took?

Morse incorrectly claims it was the NRA that “bought” the signatures for his recall. In fact, it was local gun owners who raised money in small increments in addition to the contribution from local conservative women’s group I Am Created Equal.

Unfortunately, it appears Morse still hasn’t learned the lesson that MSNBC’s Hayes has, which is that the recalls were a product of local anger, not a national gun lobby. But, of course, denial is the easier course of action.

Check out the full interview below.

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