The monthly unemployment numbers came out on Friday, and they weren’t great. While unemployment rose in June and July, it remained pretty stagnant in August (it dropped .1%).  But, the number of people employed in Colorado dropped by 4,300 in August.  That’s not good.

Also interesting – private sector payroll employment decreased by 6,800 jobs and public sector jobs increased by 2,500. The total employment in Colorado now stands at 2,369,700, which remains lower than Colorado’s employment before the recession.

And yet, special interests in Colorado think this is the perfect time to raise taxes.  A quick tip to those in the corner office – it’s a terrible time to raise taxes.

While mega-corporations still have monopoly money with which to play, small businesses will bear the brunt of this tax increase because the majority of small businesses in Colorado are taxed as individuals.  This means that there will be fewer resources for small businesses to hire and compensate workers.  Further, many Coloradans are just starting to see a recovery in their paychecks.  And, now, Colorado liberals want to siphon that recovery into the great abyss of the state budget?

Let’s think about this one, Colorado Commits to Kids.  If Colorado Commits to Kids was really about the kids, it wouldn’t steal from their parents.