A liberal pro-Obamacare group is bragging that the controversial program is causing thousands of Coloradans to have their health insurance plans cancelled by their providers. It’s a “good thing” they claim.

In a blog post over at Colorado Pols entitled “Breaking up is for the best,” the group Colorado Consumer Health Initiative writes that Democrats breaking the promise that you could “keep your plan if you want to” is just dandy:

Your health insurance plan is being canceled, and that’s a good thing. A lot of Coloradans are getting notices from their insurer saying their insurance plan is being canceled. Before you freak out, it’s important to realize, your specific plan may be getting canceled because it does not provide all the services or protections that are going to be required under health reform, but that really just means you will have access to new plans with better coverage and protections.

Breaking up isn’t quite the right comparison. A more fitting analogy would be that your parents said you could keep your girlfriend, but then went and filed a restraining order against her so she couldn’t see you anymore.

The Colorado Observer broke the story last week that thousands of Coloradans have been receiving letters from their health insurance providers informing them that their plans were being cancelled because they didn’t meet Obamacare requirements.

This, of course, is the exact opposite of what proponents of the law – from Barack Obama to U.S. Senator Mark Udall and former Congresswoman Betsy Markey – promised at the time.

We still haven’t seen a single piece of reporting from the mainstream media in Colorado on how thousands of residents are losing their coverage, despite promises from national leaders that they could keep their coverage.

Now liberals are bragging about their broken promises.

And the media wonder why the majority of Americans don’t trust them.