Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll

Would you change your mind if your basement was flooded, Mark, and you shared in the $900 million in residential destruction that many in Colorado must cope with?

Democratic Senator Morgan Carroll doesn’t believe a special session is needed, the Denver Post added in its report. The senator’s comments prove to me that family traits sometimes skip a generation. Some years ago, researching a legal matter, I found some writings by Morgan’s father, a noted lawyer back in the day. I told her that his thinking on legal matters was incredibly forethoughtful and relevant to today’s Colorado. It’s too bad forethought isn’t a dominant genetic trait.

Why they say these things is crucial.

The state is sitting on a billion bucks of unspent money. This money, by legislative action, could be redirected to flood assistance.

Why don’t the Dems favor a special session? They have 10,609,773 reasons as reported by the National Institute on Money in State Politics. Translate that into dollars; $10.6 million (at least) has flowed into Colorado politics from school district unions since the Democrats took over the governor’s chair in Colorado. Almost all of that cash went to Democrats and liberal causes.

As a return on investment, the unions will reap a billion bucks for a ten million dollar investment. That’s mighty fine for them.

What’s not mighty fine is that the Democrats are favoring their special interest donors over average Coloradans.

I confess that my first draft title read “Dems to Colorado: “%₡Ψ Off” but this may be read by those of tender sensibilities.