UPDATE 2: U.S. Senator Mark Udall just shut down his office, we hear, proving that even on a good day, Senator Udall is non-essential. We encourage the Senior Senator to spend his free time getting back on message. Class, repeat after Crazy Uncle Joe…The shutdown won’t effect the flood recovery.

UPDATE: Denver Post Democrat blogger Allison Sherry, a reader points out that Biden was reading the quote so do not treat it as an errant faux pas. He said it. He read it.  He is the Vice Bleeping President. Why are you ignoring it?


For a handful of members of the Colorado press who seem to have forgotten: Vice President Joe Biden, flanked by the governor, promised that a shutdown wouldn’t affect flood relief.

Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner is calling on Governor Hickenlooper to ensure the Obama administration keeps it promise to Colorado flood victims:

“I am grateful for Vice President Biden’s visit to Colorado last week, and am glad that he was able to view the damage caused by this tragic flooding for himself. The Obama administration’s willingness to offer assistance since the flooding began has been appreciated by all Coloradans who were impacted. 

Along with Governor Hickenlooper, myself and members of the Colorado Congressional delegation, we stood two feet away from Vice President Biden while he spoke at a press conference in Greeley and promised that federal assistance in Colorado would not be impacted in the event of a government shutdown. As President Obama’s chief surrogate, I trust Vice President Biden’s word. The President and Vice President must stay true to their promise and see to it that federal assistance is not slowed or stopped in any way as the Vice President promised.

As the chief executive of our state, Governor Hickenlooper must ensure that President Obama keeps his promise and sees to it that federal assistance is not slowed or stopped in any way. Members of the Colorado Congressional delegation are working hard here in Washington to secure relief, and our elected officials in Colorado must do the same.”