CBS4’s investigative reporter, Brian Maass, discovered that Democratic Sen. Evie Hudak would rather update her Facebook page, surf the web, and send out off-topic tweets than pay attention to important hearings. This time, the hearing was a two-day hearing on Colorado’s Corrections Department and Parole Division.

That is the same division that made a critical error which led to the death of its director, Tom Clements, earlier this year.  Even Democratic state Rep. Daniel Kagan said “these are matters of life or death to be taken extremely seriously.”

You can watch the full Maass’ expose on Hudak’s lack of regard for the hearing in which she’s sitting here. Don’t miss this Must See TV.

She posted a painting and a saying by a yoga company.  She also tweeted about scientists finding water on Mars as well as criticism of a fellow legislator who was sitting just feet from her.  When confronted about her social media updating during this important hearing, she admitted it was “extraneous”.  That said, she defended her behavior:

Hudak: “There are times when it actually helps me pay attention and not drift off to just kind of multitask.”

Maass: “That helps you pay attention – to multitask?”

Hudak: “There are times when [testimony] gets repetitive and frustrating.”

So, the alternative here is that Hudak either plays on Facebook or she falls asleep?  The other legislators who attended this hearing seemed engaged, as they should since Hudak and her colleagues are on the taxpayers’ dime.  Could Hudak be any more disgraceful to the taxpayers and the serious process in which she’s supposed to participate?

It also wasn’t the first time Hudak has been caught ignoring serious testimony at the Capitol.

During testimony about concealed carry on campus, we reported that “a source who attended the committee hearing, noted that during the emotional rape testimony of several survivors, other legislators appeared to be somewhat emotional; whereas, Hudak never looked up from texting and/or her computer screen.”

It would seem that it doesn’t matter what the topic the hearing is covering – nothing gets in the way of Hudak and her web surfing.